Cost Effective Online Marketing

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Promoting yourself or your business online will be extremely worthwhile if it is done correctly. However, time after time I find young marketing agencies and small business owners naively throwing money at Adwords and media buys without first building a proper foundation.

Successful Content Marketing

Sure, buying Adwords can seem great at first by bringing in lots of new traffic. Adwords will guide people to your website just as handing out free drink coupons on the street with your address will bring people into your restaurant.

So They’re Here. Now What?

The paid visitors arrive in hoards(they always will). But what happens when you have a restaurant without an attractive menu, or a website landing page without a call to action. Don’t be too surprised if visits are numerous but short lived.  Chances are 90% of the people will get their free drink and leave without even ordering food.  On your website your bounce rate for paid advertising may grow to 90% or greater with an average session time of less than 10 seconds.

Wait, Who Are You Again?

Businesses are often surprised when they learn about their audience and how people got to their site. They are also startled to find out that most of the visitors are not even in their target audience or business area(including other countries). I’ve reviewed analytics for several failed online advertising campaigns. There are two things that happen often and can easily be avoided: Mis-targeting and low visitor engagement.

The easiest way to avoid negatives from campaigns is to invest in organic advertising first and invest in it often.

It is also important to recognize that a paid visitor ≠ a non-paid visitor.

Knowing Your Audience

These words should ring true for any marketing strategy: If the customer is always right, you don’t want to be wrong about them.



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