“If you build it they will come”

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Beyond the nostalgia of the classic eighties movie, Field of Dreams, this is truly a line that resonates with me. When I first entered the field of web development and marketing, I had no experience, no formal training, no guarantees.  What I did have was a small network of family and friends, some general resourcefulness and a voice somewhere off in the distance telling me to trust the unknown and go for it, whatever ‘it’ was.

Where Have You Gone Joe Dimaggio?

Three years through my first real job I realized that I no longer wanted to be doing what I went through four years of college to learn.   The dream of a career in video production had popped early and I stumbled into an opportunity to interview for a small graphic design gig at a marketing company in the city. A former associate had recommended me for the job and through them I also learned that a certain client was in need of a new website, specifically one that was responsive for mobile devices and that could be edited easily by them. That is when I heard a voice calling to me, “if you build it…”

Here Let Me Fix That For You

Two weeks prior to going in for the interview with the marketing company I started brushing up on the basic html and css that I had learned in an extracurricular club in high school.  Soon I was building a custom WordPress website, never having used the framework before.  When I went into the interview the website was 80% complete.  I went through the interview process patiently and waited until the end to share what I had been working on. The company hired me on the spot and even offered to pay me for the work I had done on the site during the past two weeks. Thanks to trusting myself and the unknown, this soon opened up a new position to me at the company as their main web developer.

I am reminded of this life event when I picture all that it takes to build website success.  My advice is start with what you know, pause, then do something else.

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