What is Organic Advertising?

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When people hear the word ‘advertising’, they may think of the interruptions in their tv or radio programs, information they see posted on busses or billboards, signs hung on buildings, and involuntary popup windows they experience when surfing the web.

Paid Advertising vs. Organic Advertising

Although these are all forms of advertising and can be effective, this is not organic advertising.  Paid advertising can be clever, arousing, entertaining, or even packed with heart bending sincerity(until a logo pops up). Regardless of the style, this type of advertising can be very influential and is designed to be disturbing, it gets in the way of our lives and what we were doing at that moment. Paid advertising is propaganda and relies on quid pro quo.  It is created to initiate an emotional response.

Conversely organic advertising is very stealthy and often goes undetected, usually blending in with our errands, work and play. Maybe we seek out a recommendation from a friend, a book review online, a well written flyer at the local coffee shop, a search for a recipe on Google, or we might even voluntarily go to a website to read more information.

Why use Organic Advertising?

Organic advertising is a way of directing people to a product or service without the manufactured pep rally and without a controlled repetitive message. Ultimately organic advertising is letting the product or service stand on it’s own, not having to be artificially propped up.  Through depth of substance, clarity of message, and word of mouth, organic advertising is powerful enough to expand the advertising reach of anything of quality.

Is Paid Advertising Bad?

No. Paid advertising is not bad.  In fact it can be really beneficial to raise awareness of your product or service.  What I’m suggesting is that Organic Advertising is essential in building a long term success with any digital marketing campaign. A proper strategy will lead to a more cost effective digital marketing plan.


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